The Production

Hi,  Recently my class and 5Q worked really hard on our Year Five Production. The production was a Monty Pythons comedy named Hanging Onto The Bottom of the World. Of course, we took some lines out and added some in, but over all, The Production was an amazing experience. Every year the production is based […]

Book Chat 2019

Hi,  As you might know, we just finished book chat for the year! So today I’m going to reflect and tell you my favourite book that we have read during book chat throughout the year. My favourite book has definitely been Front Desk by Kelly Yang. Front Desk is about a girl who moves from […]

Camp Toonalook Reflection

Hey, My class, 5B, just went on our second camp of the year. We stayed at a campsite on the edge of the Banksia Peninsula that was called Toonalook. We were very luck because the weather wasn’t too bad and the raining didn’t stop us from doing any activities. Speaking of activities, we did, kayaking, […]

Online Me

Hi, Today I will explain my avatar and why I chose it. First of all, I made my avatar on this website. Here is my avatar. I chose for my jumper to be green because green is my favourite colour. My eyes are also blue and my hair is red. The only way my avatar […]

Hard Road Ahead Reflection

The past weeks we have been building a diorama of Sovereign Hill, after visiting the real, full size sovereign Hill. I learnt that in the 1850s many people died because of sicknesses that we now have cures for. We went to school at Sovereign Hill while on camp and we learnt many things but one […]

Sovereign Hill Diorama Map

After visiting Sovereign Hill 5B decided to build a diorama of some of the buildings we saw. Me and my partner, Oliver built The Eureka Hotel and the Hotel Stables. Here is a map I made of our diorama. I used a compass, key/legend and grid references. In the comment section, can you tell me […]